LDR3x DIY preamp controller board

LDR3x Passive Preamp Controller with Remote


Version 1 is sold out & has been discontinued – See LDR3x Version 2 

The LDR3x is an a DIY preamp controller board designed around light dependent resistors (LDRs) that allows the DIY’er to build a passive or active preamp with exceptional audio performance that can be controlled with a remote.

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Product Description

We are sold out of Version 1 LDR3x and are now taking pre-orders for Version 2

You can find out more information on the Version 2 LDR3x Preamp Controller board via this link:  LDR3x Version 2


Additional Information

Weight 0.18 lbs
Dimensions 4.74 x 2.5 x 1.0 in
Audio Signal

Unbalanced (master only), Balanced (master & slave)


No remote, Include remote

Encoder Module

No encoder, Include encoder module

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