DIY Preamp Components

Tortuga Audio is pleased to offer the following preamp components for the DIY audio enthusiast. These components make it possible to build your own audiophile grade high performance passive preamp.

More detailed information on each component is available by clicking on its title link.

LDR.V25 Preamp Controller

LDR V25 Preamp Controller

With a release date of April 1, shipping of the V25 will be delayed until ~April 15th due to last minute changes in the hardware design as a result of new features. During the pre-order period you will not be charged until the April 1st release date.  Due to the delayed shipping, the $50 discount has been extended until April 15 which is almost a 17% discount. Pricing reverts to full list on April 15th.  The LDR V25 preamp controller (the “V25”) is a software driven audio volume control and input switching device for high performance passive and active audio preamps. Like its predecessors (the V1, V2 and V2.1 preamp controller) the V25 utilizes light dependent resistors (LDRs) to attenuate volume. Tortuga Audio’s LDR based volume control is now in its 4th generation and delivers a level of sound quality that once you experience it you won’t want to go back to conventional potentiometers, stepped attenuators or even transformer based volume controls. By itself, the V25 preamp controller board allows the audio hobbyist, professional designer or OEM to build an exceptional passive audio preamp that rivals the performance of some of the best high end preamp equipment available today regardless of price. When mated with a downstream preamp gain stage and buffer, the V25 becomes the heart of a very high performance active preamp.

$299.00 $249.00

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LDR3x.V2 Preamp Controller Board - Slide

LDR3x.V2.1 Passive Preamp Controller

The LDR3x V2.1 is our current product model preamp controller board designed around light dependent resistors (LDRs) that allows the DIY’er to build a passive or active preamp with exceptional audio performance that can be controlled with a remote. With the V2.1, you can build a world class passive preamp rivaling the best of the best! And with auto-calibration and replaceable LDR modules, your investment in high performance audio will last a lifetime. LDRs are being increasingly recognized by audio enthusiasts as THE best technology for volume control. And Tortuga Audio’s LDR3x  V2.1 is the most advanced state-of-the-art LDR passive preamp design available. Tortuga Audio offers add-on products such as a display module, encoder, 3 input switching module, power supply, usb cable etc. to allow the DIY enthusiast to build a full featured audiophile grade passive preamp.


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DM1 Display Module

The Display Module (“DM1”) is a 1.8 inch x 1.8 inch, 2 digit, 7-segment numerical LED display board that can be interfaced with the LDR3x Preamp Controller Board to provide numerical/visual feedback of volume level and status of the LDR3x.


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IO3 Relay Board

Overview The IO3 (input/output) Relay Board (the “IO3”) is a 1.7 inch x 2.5 inch circuit board that can be interfaced with the LDR3x Preamp Controller Board (versions 1 or 2) to enable switching between up to 3 audio input signals. In addition to its p …


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Apple Remote

All Tortuga Audio LDRx preamp products can be controlled remotely via the highly affordable and elegantly simple Apple Remote. As of May 1st, 2014, the Apple Remote has replaced the previously offered Tortuga Audio Remote as our primary remote.


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Encoder Module

The encoder module is a rotary encoder with integral push button mounted on a small PCB with a 4-pin header and an 8 inch 4-pin cable . It comes fully assembled and ready to use. The pin header connections are labeled as follows: A – leg A of the encod …


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LDR Module

The LDR Module is a replacement part for the LDR3x Passive Preamp Controller board. It applies to all versions of the LDR3x board starting with version 2 (the V2). LDR Modules can be easily removed and replaced and plug into any of the four LDR locations on the LDR3x board marked RV1, RV2, RV3 and RV4. It’s important to orient the LDR Module properly. The white dot on the LDR Module should be the same side as the white dot on the LDR3x board. Replacing an LDR Module should only be necessary if the LDR3x exhibits a significant permanent shift in channel balance or a channel stops responding to volume changes. If these problems can’t be resolved by running an Auto-Calibration cycle or if the LDR3x hangs during an Auto-Calibration cycle, then probably at least one LDR Module requires replacement.


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USB Port & Cable

This 1 foot cable makes it easy to provide an externally accessible USB connection port to update firmware in a LDR3x Passive Preamp Controller located within an enclosure. One end of the cable provides a type A USB port that can be attached via 2 screws to a panel. The other end has 5 pin female header that connects to the J8 5 pin male header on the LDR3x board. For those with a V2 board that already has a micro-USB port board soldered onto the J8 header, you’ll need to first remove that board from the J8 header. We recommend this be done by carefully cutting up the micro-USB port around the pins using a plier/cutter and then using a solder iron to remove any remaining materials from the J8 pins.  


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Cardas RCA Jacks (pair)

Beautiful Cardas GRFA Long RCA jacks.  They are made of non- magnetic, eutectic Brass with  Rhodium over Silver plate. Sold only in pairs.

$31.04 $24.83

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