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Better Technology | Better Sound

“…you would be hard-pressed—regardless of budget—to find a preamplifier, passive or active, that delivers your music with less editorializing than the Tortuga Audio LDR3.V2.”

We’ve taken a different path to making a better sounding preamp

say not to conventional volume control

Our preamps don’t use conventional volume control technology.

  • No potentiometers (“pots”)

  • No stepped attenuators (switched resistors)

  • No transformers

Why not? Because they don’t deliver the best audio performance.

Our preamps use “light dependent (photo)resistors” or LDRs. Photoresistors are not new technology but they pose unique and difficult challenges to audio engineers. That is why preamps typically use conventional volume control hardware. We took on those challenges and solved them. Why? Because we wanted to design a better sounding preamp. So we did. 

light dependent resistor gif

Your search for the perfect preamp for your system could be over

A Tortuga Audio preamp owners sent us these unsolicited comments….

“What an experience! Truly the best sound I’ve ever heard in my system. A layer of “mush” has disappeared…. More details and less harshness, especially in mid-upper-high range…  It is absolutely marvellous at low levels….it’s all in perfect balance from 1 through 99 with a beautiful room experience, width and depth in the music.”

“I am a classical musician, aged 68. In the audio hobby maybe around 30 years. Have heard no end of preamps and passives. Certainly 100s, maybe more. Yours is the best sounding – the closest to the sound of music.”

LDR3.V25 Passive Preamp - Our Most Popular Model

Tortuga Audio LDR3.V2 Passive Preamp - frontal view
LDR3.V25 Passive Preamp | $1195
  • Unity gain passive preamp
  • Superior audio quality | light dependent resistors
  • Single ended | 3 inputs | 2 outputs | Cardas RCA jacks
  • Dual channel display (blue)
  • Fully IR remote controlled | Apple remote
  • Firmware/feature updates via USB port
  • 12 V trigger out

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