Hear the music, not the hardware

Our handcrafted, high-end passive and tube preamplifiers and buffers  are based on our proprietary light-dependent resistor (LDR) attenuation technology. The size of an M&M candy, these digitally-controlled, analog resistors control volume using light from a sealed LED  and an embedded photoresistor.  The resulting attenuation  yields a clear, natural and highly satisfying sound with minimal manipulation of the audio signal. Designed, manufactured, assembled by hand, and shipped to you directly from South Florida. 

New | Hybrid Tube Preamp with Integrated LDR Attenuation

Tortuga Audio’s newest offering, the LDR3000T,  integrates proven proprietary LDR attenuation technology with an active tube gain/buffer to produce a truly unique first-of-kind high performance LDR hybrid tube preamp.  Now available with with various high performance options starting at $2995.  More info on the LDR3000T available here. 

Clean contemporary design

Our preamps employ a simple Apple remote,  a back-up control knob, and an interactive menu driven high resolution OLED display that is invisible when the preamp is turned off. No labels. No logos. No bling. Just a clean simple design.  Welcome to 21st century  audio controls.  

A Recent Review

We occasionally send out some of our equipment for reviews by select audio professionals. With reviews you never know what you’re going to get back. Most recently we asked Noam Bronstein of the Canadian Wall Of Sound website to review both our LDR3.V25 Passive Preamp by itself and then with the addition of our TPB.V1 Tube Preamp Buffer. The resulting  review is perhaps one of the most detailed examinations of these two complementary pieces of equipment to date. We trust you’ll find this review as informative and helpful as we did.  

“I’ll say right from the outset – the improvement the LDR(3.V25) made in my system was not subtle.”

“I can say with confidence that this is the best preamplification I’ve lived with to date.”

Better components means better performance

Audio design is a long series of choices.  When given a choice we more often than not opt for the better and more robust component. We choose this approach because we are passionate about audio and the music it brings to our lives.  In some cases we allow the customer to choose certain upgrades that best suit their budget. 

VCAP ODAM capacitors

We are pleased to announce that we are now using VH Audio’s VCap ODAM (Oil Damped Advanced Metalized)  coupling capacitors in our TPB Tube Preamp Buffer and future tube preamp equipment.

“Magical, forgiving, like the OIMP but with more texture and bloom… no loss of detail. Seductive in many ways.”

An award now and then

“For many audiophiles the “best” preamplifier is the one that does the least damage to the signal. If you are one of these audiophiles, the Tortuga Audio LDR3.V2 could be your best and your last preamplifier.”

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