“It is quite an achievement…”

owner review

“CONGRATULATIONS! The LDRx is quite a revelation with exceptional musical qualities! I must stress that I’ve been using a Vishay bulk foil plus Holco shunt resistors,silver wired stepped attenuator for the last 20 years (Audio Synthesis’ PASSION) and that this unit was highly rated. Indeed, it is a very, very good passive control unit and I’ve been quite satisfied with it. Well, it is quite an achievement that the LDRx does everything better in a clear audible way! The music simply sounds fuller, warmer with more body and detail. Everything sounds more natural as if no electronic gear is being used. No small achievement in a system that combines a digital source, a digital 3 way crossover, solid state amplification and an all dipole loudspeaker arrangement comprising Quad’s ESL63 electrostatics, a pair of Volt bass/mid drivers and a Gradient subwoofer. No nasty boxes at all! Well, what can I say? Thank you, Morten and Merry Christmas!” – Francisco Fragoso

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