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Keep Calm and Do It Yourself (DIY)

Make Your Own Audiophile DIY Passive Preamp

(Updated: June 2017) Build your own audiophile DIY passive preamp using our complete kits or just a few key components and your own custom enclosure. …. Read More >>

LDR3x DIY preamp controller board

Tortuga Audio Releases LDR3x Preamp Controller Board for DIY Community (Aug 8th update)

As a follow-up to our original post below, we wanted to share some unsolicited feedback from a recent LDR3x customer. Note that the LDR3x board is our second generation LDR preamp board design that builds on the success of the original LDR1/LDR6 passive preamps. A pair of LDR3x boards will be the twin beating hearts …. Read More >>

LDR3x preamp controller circuit board

Tortuga Audio Plans LDR3X Preamplifier Controller for DIY Community

As we work to expand our line of next generation  preamp products  built around light dependent resistors (LDRs), we also plan to soon introduce an LDR based preamp controller board, and related products, for the Do It Yourself (DIY) audio community. As we’ve previously announced, Tortuga Audio is actively developing a balanced version of its …. Read More >>

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