B.B. King - South Florida - 2012

B.B. King

RIP B.B. King I woke up this morning to the news that B.B. King had passed away at 89. It rattled me. As sure as death and divorce are the two most profoundly negative events we experience as humans, I’m generally not all that moved by news about the passing of celebrities. Losing B.B. King …. Read More >>

The Power of Actively Listening To Music

Active Listening Once you’ve sold the compelling benefits of “actively listening”, the pursuit of higher end audio gear to improve the listening experience may not be that far behind. The paradox of our being awash in technology with ever greater access to the world’s catalog of music (Pandora, Spotify, digital music, downloading etc. ) is …. Read More >>

Digital Music – Change Was Inevitable

Digital Music If you’ve followed the evolution of the music industry these past few years the biggest change has been the advent of digital music downloads via the internet along with the decline of CD sales. To hear industry insiders tell it, you’d think the sky was falling and they’re all gonna die. The antagonist …. Read More >>

The Golden Age of Rock

  Jeff Gold has written an epic coffee table book about the golden age of rock –  101 Essential Rock Records, The Golden Age of Vinyl From the Beatles to The Sex Pistols. Explains Jeff Gold….”The opening essay explains we’re covering the most seminal rock (not blues, not R&B, not straight-ahead folk) albums from the era …. Read More >>

Bruce Springsteen’s SXSW Keynote Speech

Bruce Springsteen If music grabs you, moves you, speaks to you, can make you cry, can make you laugh, is part of your life, going way back, to your beginning, and it hasn’t let up, then read or listen to Bruce Springteen’s keynote speech from the 2012 South by Southwest Conference. All of it. In one sitting. You’ll feel it. …. Read More >>

led zeppelin band members

I Can’t Quit You Baby

  I remember the first time I heard Led Zeppelin. It was 1969. Blown away. If you were around back then, you know what I mean. Years later, when I took up learning how to play blues guitar, it soon dawned on me just how rooted in the blues their music had been – and …. Read More >>

Johnny B. Goode Where No Man Has Gone Before

Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry wrote and recorded Johnny B. Goode in 1958 when I was just 5 years old. It’s hard to overstate the significance of Chuck Berry on the emergence of rock-n-roll. In a very real way, Chuck was the father of rock. All who came after including all the great rock guitarists like …. Read More >>

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