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passive vs active preamps

Active vs Passive Preamp Debate

In this article we take a closer look at what’s going on behind the active vs passive preamp debate and hopefully develop a better understanding so we can all make wiser choices. …. Read More >>

LDR V25 Preamp Controller Board (Rev A)

LDR V25 Preamp Controller Released

Update: April 9, 2017 – The new V25 LDR Preamp Controller board has been released to manufacture and we expect to begin shipping units later this month. The design of the V25 evolved rapidly to overtake our plans for a subsequent V3 thus making the V25 the new V3. Confused? Read on! …. Read More >>

LDRx vs. LDR3.V2 – A Tale of Two LDR Preamps

  Although we never set out to deliberately cause confusion we have nonetheless succeeded. What confusion you ask? The confusion that arises when prospective customers diligently comb through our website trying to understand the differences between two of our LDR preamps; the LDRx ($1795) and the LDR3.V2 ($1195). The essential confusion can be summed up …. Read More >>

Top 5 Reasons To Choose LDR Passive Preamps

1 – Better Conductor of Music Preamps are, first and foremost, devices for controlling volume. 99%+ of all preamps do this by throttling the audio signal through some type of mechanical device made with resistive materials. Devices like a potentiometer (worst) or stepped attenuator (better). The unfortunate reality is the materials in these devices, together …. Read More >>

Keep Calm and Do It Yourself (DIY)

Make Your Own Audiophile DIY Passive Preamp

(Updated: June 2017) Build your own audiophile DIY passive preamp using our complete kits or just a few key components and your own custom enclosure. …. Read More >>

Customer Brings Tortuga Preamp To Axpona

While chatting recently with a customer (which I love doing BTW) he mentioned that he would be attending Axpona in Chicago and asked if Tortuga Audio would also be at the show. I told him that, unfortunately, circumstances prevented Tortuga Audio from being at Axpona this year. He suggested that in that case he might …. Read More >>

ldr3.V25 passive preamp - black anodized front - side view

What is a Preamplifier and Why Passive?

The Perfect Preamplifier – No Preamp At All If you read enough articles on high performance audio you eventually encounter the definition of a perfect preamp: no preamp at all. Just a short wire between the source and the amplifier. Purity of audio signal unsullied by intervening gear. The problem with no preamp (or a …. Read More >>

LDR1B.V2 balanced passive preamp

LDR1B.V2 Balanced Passive Preamp

Single Input Balanced Passive Preamp March 15, 2015 – Tortuga Audio is pleased to release the LDR1B.V2 Balanced Passive Preamp. The LDR1B.V2 is the latest model in our LDR (light dependent resistor) based passive preamp product line and is our second model offering attenuation for balanced audio. Unlike its more expensive big brother, the LDRxB, the LDR1B.V2 …. Read More >>

LDR3X Front Perspective (artwork - not a photo)

Tortuga Audio to Release LDRx & LDRxB Passive Preamps

LDRx and LDRxB Passive Preamps [Click on pic thumbnails for larger views] The LDRx & LDRxB were released in the fall of 2014. More info on the LDRx can be found here. New LDRxB Balanced Passive Preamp After an epic gestation period, we are pleased to announce the imminent release of our first balanced LDR …. Read More >>

Plug-in LDR Module

The Evolution of LDR Volume Control

LDR Volume Control  There’s growing recognition within the community of audio enthusiasts (a.k.a. audiophiles) that LDRs (light dependent resistors) deliver the best sounding volume control technology available today. Over the past 5 years, Tortuga Audio has been leading the charge to evolve and perfect LDR based volume control. In Q2 2017 Tortuga Audio released its …. Read More >>

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