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General LDR Preamp Info

General Topics

This section includes topics that are general to all Tortuga Audio preamps which all utilize light dependent resistors (LDRs) for volume control.

Topics covered under this section include:

Light Dependent Resistors

LDRs are introduced including what they are, benefits of using LDRs, the technical challenges of designing with LDRs, and how Tortuga Audio preamps are unique in how they incorporate LDR technology.

Attenuation and Impedance

Here we provide an overview of how  volume control (attenuation) works and how impedance (resistance) fits into the picture.

Adjustable Impedance

After introducing the topic of impedance, here we dive into a truly unique feature of the Tortuga Audio preamp, adjustable input impedance.

LDR Calibartion

The single most unique aspect of Tortuga Audio’s implementation of an LDR based volume control is the built-in self-calibration of replaceable plug-in LDRs thus avoiding the old practice of having to use externally matched LDRs and essentially “bricking” the preamp when an LDR went out of spec or failed.

Common Specifications

Here we provide a detailed list of specications that are common to all LDR based Tortuga Audio preamps.

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