Preamp Buffers

Preamp Buffers

Tortuga Audio is pleased to offer the following preamp buffer.

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TPB.V1 Tube Preamp Buffer

The TPB.V1 is a high performance non-attenuated hybrid tube/solid-state active line stage that serves as an ideal complement to any upstream passive preamp including Tortuga Audio LDR passives or other audio source with integral volume control. Use the TPB.V1 to upgrade your system’s performance while keeping your existing passive or active preamp gear. We are confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Sporting a lively hybrid triode tube input stage and solid state FET output stage, the TPB.V1 delivers powerful and dynamic sonic performance with just¬† the right amount of tube euphonics to breath new life to your music. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself enjoying your music collection all over again…and again! Designed from the ground up for balanced audio, two triode tubes are employed with each tube dedicated to a stereo channel. Single ended systems benefit from the same dual tube design. The TPB.V1 is available in both balanced (XLR) and singled-ended (RCA) models. The TPB.V1 can be ordered with numerous optional upgrades. This buffer is built to order so please allow 5-10 days from order to