“…you would be hard-pressed—regardless of budget—to find a preamplifier, passive or active, that delivers your music with less editorializing than the Tortuga Audio LDR3.V2.”

“…capable of transporting the listener to a higher plane of sonic enlightenment, and that’s exactly what a soundsystem should do..”

“Tortuga Audio showed the LDRx passive preamp, [a] software driven and digitally controlled unit with resistive analog attenuator using light  [dependent resistors]. The LDRx seemed to be a perfect fit despite its affordable pricing, helping the system have a clear and transparent presentation, wide stage, and big dynamic contrasts, kudos for bringing such great performance at a low cost.” 

“The sound here had my friend contemplating a purchase, beautiful workmanship and elegant, yet exciting sound, great room.”

“There is just a sense of absolutely everything having been stripped free of fuzz and imprecision. Instrumental placement isn’t approximate or inferred. Instead, instruments are precisely located at a fixed and exact distance from the others with the space between performers and the characteristics of the recording environment jaw-droppingly obvious.”

“… the LDR6 produces a sound completely free of colouration, with a soundstage that was just consistently deeper and better resolved than with any other passive pre-amp I have ever used.”

“…suitably matched, sonically, the LDR6 is an absolute gem. Jaw-droppingly transparent, with faultless microprocessor control, this pre-amp provides a level of transparency usually the domain of hair shirt enthusiasts, with the convenience of remote control.”

“The LDR1 …. represents the least colored preamp I have ever heard in my system. It also provided greater resolution than any other preamp in my experience.”

owner review

“Truly the best sound I’ve ever heard in my system.”

"What an experience! Truly the best sound I've ever heard in my system. A layer of "mush" has disappeared and angry high S'es are now pleasant. More details and less harshness, especially in mid-upper-high range compared to the EC4.6. It is absolutely marvellous at low levels, the pot-meters in other preamps I've had were all out of balance in the channels at extreme low volumes, now it's all in perfect balance from 1 through 99 with a beautiful room experience, width and depth in the music."
owner review

“LDRx…hands down the best preamp I’ve used”

"Open, easy, organic, transparent etc., and - above all else - natural. It makes other preamps (esp. active ones) sound electronic and mechanical. " Logo

“It is an audio tour-de-force.”

"I'm rediscovering my entire music collection, and have been reduced to tears by things I thought I knew."
owner review

… my reference tool used to judge other preamps

The LDR is superior.... in rendering all those ranges in an even lower noise floor canvas, resulting in more organic sound overall, higher volume listening desire, and longer listening session... .... Read More >> Logo

LDRxB – “Yes, it’s that good…”

"... come to think of it, I'm not sure what else one could want no matter the cost unless you want fancy aluminum cases and bragging rights." .... Read More >> Logo

“…I am floored by the sound quality.”

"I've been using a TVC [transformer volume control] for several years and was very happy, but the LDR simply blows it away. " .... Read More >>
owner review

“My system has NEVER felt (and sounded) this good!”

"From tube to solid state, vintage Western Electric and Marantz to modern Cello and Krell, nothing comes close. " .... Read More >>
owner review

LDR3 – “Best purchase ever made in audio”

"All curiosity of "should I upgrade this or that" has seemed to disappear and all I'm left with is enjoyment of music in it's truest form. " .... Read More >> logo

“I can’t think of higher praise.”

" I was given a renewed sense of excitement that I had been missing for a long time. I can't think of higher praise. " .... Read More >> Logo

“..highly recommended”

"...natural full bass... excellent midrange... good transparency... great sense of tonal color... highly listenable... a real sense of flow... highly recommended" .... Read More >> logo

“…the most perfect preamp I could ever imagine.”

"...truthful to the recording. I doubt things could get more than 5% better at any price - even $100,000...the most perfect preamp I could ever imagine." .... Read More >>
DIY Audio logo

“..totally impressed..”

"I was having a hard time explaining in words what I was hearing, it just felt so clean, natural and timbres to die for." .... Read More >>
owner review

“It is quite an achievement…”

"The music simply sounds fuller, warmer with more body and detail. Everything sounds more natural as if no electronic gear is being used." .... Read More >>
owner review

“…most pure, neutral, transparent…”

"Let me state up front that the LDR1 is the most pure, neutral, transparent, noise-free and grain-free component I have ever heard." .... Read More >>