About Tortuga Audio

Tortuga Audio is a privately held manufacturer of handcrafted audio products designed for the discriminating audiophile who is looking for substantive improvement in the sound quality of their music reproduction system.

We currently specialize in passive preamplifiers based on light dependent resistor (LDR) technology where we apply proprietary software driven digital control of key analog components to achieve superior sound performance. We have plans to expand our product line to include a broader array of complementary audio products such as buffers, phono stage preamps, and headphone amps to name a few.

Based in south Florida, we presently sell exclusively online through our website at www.tortugaaudio.com but will consider selective partnering with dealers in key world markets.

While Tortuga Audio procures it’s raw materials and components from both domestic and international sources, 100% of our production and assembly is done in the United States. In fact because high performance audio is inherently a niche low volume market, we do nearly all of the fabrication and machining of our enclosures within our own facility in order to keep our costs down.

Tortuga Audio was founded in 2010 and is run by Morten Sissener who is an engineer with extensive experience in a broad range of technology and business development and a lifelong lover of audio gear, music, cats, dogs, boats and warm weather.

Morten Sissener - Founder of Tortuga Audio
Morten – Founder & Chief Designer

Hello and thanks for reading all the way down here. I’m in this business first and foremost because I have a passion for the music! Music that was painstakingly written, produced, recorded and mastered. I believe great music deserves high performance audio gear at viable prices without compromising quality.  Value is achieved when technology, aesthetics and attitude combine to create distinctive products that both sound great and you can be proud to own. Everyone at Tortuga Audio is committed to engineering excellence and to treating our current and prospective customers with fairness, integrity and respect. I invite you to try our stuff and enjoy! – Morten

You can read more about me and Tortuga Audio in this article published in AudioXpress.