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2.3.Remote Control w/ 7Seg Display

7-Segment Displays

The control schemes outlined below are specific to Tortuga Audio preamp controllers and preamp products that utilize Tortuga Audio’s 2-digit 7-segment displays that are most commonly used in pairs. LDR3.V2 front panel with live display

Please refer to a separate section on control schemes that apply to the newer OLED display. 

The Apple Remote

All Tortuga Audio preamp products use the elegantly simple Apple remote shown above for remote control. Refer to info below for the control guide specific to your Tortuga preamp.

tortuga audio apple remote control buttons

3 Control Scheme Versions

While there is only 1 version of the silver Apple remote itself, there are 3 slightly different control scheme versions depending on when your preamp was built and shipped, which version controller your preamp has,  and which version of firmware your preamp has.

The 3 control scheme version are V25, V2 (firmware 2.2.x), and V2 (firmware 2.1)  (or V25, V22 and V21).

Version V25

Version V25 applies only to preamps using the Tortuga Audio V25 controller board which was released starting April 1, 2017.  V25 and version 2.2 for the V2 board are nearly identical.

There are 2 ways to tell if your preamp is using the V25 controller.

  1. Product Name – Your preamp has the V25 suffix in the product name, i.e. LDR1B.V25.
  2. Firmware Splash – Approximately 5 seconds after you plug power into your preamp the firmware version will display briefly. If you see a 4 digit number then you have a V25 version preamp. If its’ not a 4 digit number you have a V2 board (see below).

Version V2 | Firmware 2.2

This version applies to all Tortuga Audio preamps with the V2 controller board shipped starting May 15, 2016

You can determine which firmware version you have by watching the display when you plug in or turn on power to the preamp. As the preamp boots up it will first display 3 numbers. These numbers will be either 21X or 22X where “X” is a subversion. If the first 2 numbers are 22 then you have firmware version 2.2. 

If you still have a 2.1 version you are encouraged to upgrade your firmware to 2.2 which is arguably a better organized and more intuitively easy control scheme compared to the earlier 2.1 version.

Version V2 | Firmware 2.1

Version V21 applies only to Tortuga Audio preamps with the V2 controller board shipped prior to May 15, 2016 which have also not already been upgraded to version 2.2 firmware.

Key Differences Between V2 Firmware Versions 2.2 vs. 2.1

Unlike V21, release of the V22 version included the following major changes.

Auto-Repeat – With the 2.2 firmware, all buttons on the Apple Remote  will auto-repeat if held down. This was not the case with the 2.1 firmware. Single button presses should be deliberate yet brief to avoid unwanted auto-repeat.

Balance Adjustment – Balance adjustment is now the primary function of the left/right buttons along with volume control via raise/lower buttons.

Control Modes – The previous Mute(play) button has been repurposed as a Control Mode button with the control modes listed below. Each press of the Control Mode button will switch the preamp to the next mode and update the display accordingly. Once you’ve cycled through each control mode, a subsequent press will return the preamp to the default volume control mode as indicated by a brief blinking of the display. Pressing the Enter button at any time while in any of these control mode will return the preamp to it default Volume Control Mode.

  • Input Adjustment Mode
  • Impedance Adjustment Mode
  • Display Adjustment Mode
  • Max Volume on Input Change Mode

Once you press the Control Mode button the preamp is no longer in volume control mode. You switch between different control modes by repeatedly pressing the Control Mode button. To exit and return to volume control mode, simply press the Enter button at any time….or…continue to press the Control Mode button until you cycle back to volume control mode as indicated by a brief blinking of the display.

Power On/Off – The Power On/Off button is now dual purpose. A brief press will mute/unmute the preamp. A press/hold will shut the unit off.


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