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2.1.Pairing Remote with Preamp

What Is Remote Pairing?

Remote pairing is simple process to “teach” your Tortuga preamp how to talk to your Apple or Tortuga (legacy) remote.

Do I Need To Pair My Remote?

Chances are the answer is NO!  A remote is included with each Tortuga Audio preamp and that remote will already have been paired with your preamp.

If you purchase a Tortuga Audio DIY premap controller without also purchasing a remote then you will have to purchase your Apple remote separately and pair it with your controller.

When Is Remote Pairing Necessary?

Every Apple remote has an internal ID number. There are 256 possible ID numbers. The purpose of the ID number is to allow the use of different remotes for different products. You may have an Apple remote to your Apple TV in addition to your Apple remote for your Tortuga preamp. Without ID numbers it would be chaos with both devices reacting to any remote. Usually, pairing is only required with a new remote. Rarely it may also be require after a major firmware upgrade.

Can I Change the ID of my Apple Remote?

The answer is yes but the only reason for doing so is if you have two Apple remotes for two different devices and both remotes happen to have the same ID number (one chance in 256). The Apple remote ID can be changed by simultaneously pressing both the Menu and the Enter/Center key on the Apple Remote for 5+ seconds and then releasing. This will change the ID number to some new value. After changing the ID you will then have to pair the Apple remote with your Tortuga preamp.

Does Remote Pairing Apply to my Tortuga Preamp?

Starting with version 1.0.9 for the V2 preamp controller  firmware and all subsequent controllers like the V25, the Apple Remote must first be paired with the preamp unit in order for the preamp to recognize and respond to the Apple Remote’s commands. This is only relevant to the LDR3x starting with the V2 model and also with the LDRx, LDRxB, LDR3.V2 & LDR3.V2K models. Prior to version 1.0.9, the Tortuga preamps would respond to any Apple or Tortuga legacy remote without pairing which occasionally created conflicts with other equipment.

How Do I Pair My Remote With My Preamp? 

Pairing your remote with your Tortuga preamp is a fairly straight forward process that can be accomplished in less than a minute.

Below you’ll find a step by step guide on pairing your remote.

1Turn Preamp On Preamp must be plugged into power and turned on. Since the preamp presumably can't respond to the remote yet, turn on the preamp by a brief press/release of the encoder control knob.
2Place Preamp Into Pairing Mode** All V2 & early vintage V25 preamps with 7-segment displays **

Press/hold in encoder pushbutton for 20+ seconds and then release. The displays should begin blinking indicating the preamp is now in pairing mode.

** Later model V25 preamps with 7-segment displays **
Same as above except don't release pushbutton until the displays goes blank (turn off) after 20+ seconds indicating preamp is now in pairing mode.

** V25 preamps with OLED display **
After 20+ seconds the display will change and explicity say that the preamp is now in pairing mode at which point release the encoder pushbutton.
3Complete the pairing processPress the center/enter button on the remote to complete the pairing process. The display will stop blinking or otherwise change display confirming that the preamp has responded to the remote and is now paired.
4Test the remoteUse the remote. The preamp should now respond normally. If not, repeat the above process.

Trouble Shooting

“I press/hold the Encoder push button for 20 seconds and release and the display blinks for only a second or so and then stops”

This probably means you didn’t hold the Encoder push button in long enough.

It’s also important that you don’t turn the encoder while holding in the encoder push button. This will confuse the controller into thinking you want to change the input.

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