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1.5.Common Specifications

The following specifications are common to all Tortuga Audio preamps as of May 2017.

Preamplifier typePassive audio attenuator using light dependent resistors (LDRs) in a series/shunt (L-Pad) configuration
GainUnity (1x) gain (no amplification)
Input impedance 20k by default adjustable between 1k and 99k
Audio Signal IsolationNo active manipulation of the audio signal. Audio signal optically isolated from LDR controls but may share common ground.
Total Harmonic Distortion1% or less
Channel BalanceWithin 0.5 db over full attenuation range
Attenuation Range-60 db to 0 db in at least 70 discrete steps plus muting
FusesNo internal or external fuses
Control systemV2 - 8 bit PIC microcontroller running at 4 MHz
V25 - 32 bit ARM microcontroller running at 72 MHz
Circuit boardsNickel immersion gold PCBs with blue solder mask
SolderLead free solder with 3% or higher silver content
ROHSCompliant or exempted
Ambient ConditionsStable, dry indoor environment only with ambient temperature within 60-90 degree F
Trigger OutOutputs a 12 VDC signal when unit is turned on. Signal can be used to turn other devices on/off that are equipped with a Trigger Input.
Encoder ControlRotary stepped multi-function volume control (front panel) with integral push button switch
Remote ControlInfrared control via standard silver Apple remote | 38 kHz NEC protocol
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