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8.1.OLED Display, Encoder & IR Sensor

Graphic OLED Display Module

The OLED Display Module is a 256 x 64 pixel white graphic OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display for use with Tortuga Audio’s LDR.V25 (“V25”) LDR preamp controller board including all V25 versions of Tortuga Audio preamps. 

Starting in June 2018, Tortuga Audio began using the OLED display in all of its preamp products including kits and discontinued using the original dual 7-segment displays.

OLED display module - with cables

OLED display module - front view

The OLED Display Module provides an easy and intuitive user control experience through an interactive menu driven control interface designed around  the 7-button Apple remote.

The display includes a custom interface board, dual control cables, installed infrared receiver (IR) module, and a 2 pin enabling jumper for the V25 board. An encoder module/cable is offered as an add-on option since existing V25 product owners typically already possess an encoder.

The OLED Display Module is fully hardware compatible with the Tortuga Audio V25 preamp controller but will require a firmware update to version 2.0.1 (or later) for all existing V25 controllers with earlier series firmware.  In addition, a simple 2 pin jumper must also be installed on the V25 board to enable the OLED display.

OLED Interface with V25 Controller

Two separate ribbon cables plus one jumper are required to connect the OLED Display Module to the V25 Preamp Controller Board and enable OLED display operation. In addition, the Encoder and IR Receiver Module both communicate with the V25 through connections on the OLED Display Module. Finally, the V25’s firmware must be version 2.0.1 or higher. Each of these are discussed below in more detail.

V25 controller & OLED display connections


OLED Control Cable

The OLED control cable is a 2×7 IDC ribbon cable that runs between the 14 pin V25.J9 OLED Control header and its corresponding 14 pin OLED.J2  header on the adapter board of the OLED Display Module.

Encoder/IR Cable

In addition to the OLED Control Cable, a second ribbon cable (the Encoder/IR Cable) is required in order for the V25 board to receive command inputs from both the Encoder and the IR Receiver Module. The Encoder/IR Cable is a 2×5 IDC ribbon cable that runs between the 10 pin V25.J3 header and the its corresponding 10 pin OLED.J3 header on the adapter board of the OLED Display Module.

Encoder Cable

A separate 4-wire Encoder Cable connects the rotary Encoder Module to the 4 pin OLED.J4 header on the adapter board of the OLED Display Module. Note the alignment of pins EA, EB, ES & G on both ends of this connection.

IR Receiver Module

The IR Receiver Module is solder mounted to the adapter board of the OLED Display Module. The 3 pin solder mount is located just below the J2 OLED Control header. The 3 pins are keyed such that the IR Receiver Module can only go in one way naturally. The IR Receiver needs to be positioned such that it looks out into the room through the front panel.

Cable Alignment – Caution

Please be careful to make sure the red stripe on each ribbon cable is aligned with the side of each header that has a white dot the circuit board. In the case of OLED.J2 the white dot is unfortunately hidden under the header but corresponds to the same end of header labeled “3.3”.

OLED Interactive Control Navigation

Detailed information on navigating the interactive OLED control menu can be found here in our online documentation.

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