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8.2.7-Segment Display, Encoder & IR Sensor

7-Segment Display Assembly

The display assembly provides visual (numerical) status information and indirectly connects the user control input devices (encoder & infrared receiver) to the V25 board. The 7-segment DM1 display assembly is shown below (front and rear views).

DM1 dual display assembly

The 7-segment display assembly is composed of the following parts.

  1. Master Display Module – populated with chip, capacitor, conductor, resistor plus 2 digit display on reverse side
  2. Slave Display Module – 2 digit display only
  3. Encoder – rotary encoder with integral push button switch
  4. IR Receiver Module – 3 pin infrared receiver device (must be soldered to master display module)
  5. Ribbon Cable #1 – 2×5 pin cable connects master display module to slave display module
  6. Ribbon Cable #2 – 2×5 pin cable connects display assembly (via master) to the V25 board
  7. Cable #3 – 4 pin cable connects Encoder to master display module

7-Segment Display Module

The 7-segment display module is a  dual-digit display that uses LED type 0.58″ high 7-segment displays to show numerical data. The figure below show the front and rear view of a master display module. The front view of a slave display module looks essentially identical to a master display module.
DM1 7-segment display front and back annotated

A pair of display modules are needed to properly display information for the V25 preamp controller. The master handles the low-level display processing and the slave acts as an extension to the master. The V25 board handles the high-level display processing.

When a pair of master-slave display modules are mounted in an enclosure, the master shows the right channel information and the slave shows the left channel information. They should be mounted in the enclosure accordingly.

The master module connects to the V25 board via a ribbon cable to J1 on the master display and to J3 on the V25 board. Note that red stripe on the ribbon cables connecting to the display modules must be aligned with the side of the J1 and J3 headers that has the white dot.

V25 preamp controller 7-segment display connection

Encoder Module

The encoder module is rotary encoder with integral push button that’s mounted on a small printed circuit board. The encoder circuit board has a 4 pin header labeled A, B, S and C which correspond to the master display module’s J2 pin header labeled A, B, S & G.

A & B are the encoder’s 2 rotary switches used to determine direction of turn and pulse counts and S is the push button. A, B & S are all referenced to G which connects to the V25’s ground.

Tortuga Audio encoder.

Infrared Receiver Module

The infrared receiver module (“IR module”) is a single integrated infrared receiver with 3 pins as shown below. The IR module mounts to the master display module via solder pads IR1 such that the front of the IR module (the face with the bump) faces same direction as the display module digits.

LDR3x IR Receiver module pins/wiring

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