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4.2.V25 Single-Ended Wiring

RCA Jack

RCA jacks are used for single-ended audio. Single-ended audio means there’s only a one audio signal referenced to ground per channel.

Single-ended RCA jacks wiring is relatively simple. There are 2 connections to the RCA jack: 1) The center pin carries the actual audio signal; and, 2) The outer shell connects to system ground. This is shown symbolically below but the symbol closely mimics an actual typical RCA jack.

RCA jack schematic symbol annotated

Wiring RCA Jacks to the V25

The recommended way to wire single-ended RCA inputs/outputs to V25 is shown below in two diagrams below.  The first is a more abstract schematic representation while the second looks closer to actual wiring to the boards. In either diagram we only terminating a single input and a single output to the left and right channels.

Before diving in with wiring your V25 boards, we strongly recommend you study these diagrams until you understand the wiring scheme represented here.

V25 preamp controller single-ended wiring schematicThe wiring diagram shown below is consistent with the schematic shown above and is provided to show where the wires need to be connected on the actual V25 boards. Note that this is only for a single input so the input is connected to the solder pads labeled RI1 and LI1 on each board. For additional inputs you would terminate the wires to solder pads RI2 and LI2 etc.

Alternatively you could also make the same terminations via the J5 pin header or some combination of the J5 header and the solder pads.

Lastly, 2 solder pads are provided on the V25 board for both the output (RO and LO) and the signal ground (RG and LG). This redundant pads are solely for convenience.

V25 preamp controller single-ended wiring diagram

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