LDR3000 Tube Preamp - 3D CAD View

LDR3000T.V25 Tube Preamp Set For September Release

The Road To An LDR Tube Preamp

LDRV25 Preamp Controller (png clear)The road to an LDR tube preamp started in 2012. Since then, Tortuga Audio has been first and foremost a technology development company focused on LDR  (light dependent resistor) attenuation –  or what regular folk would call audio volume control.  As I write this, we are on our 4th generation LDR preamp controller (the V25) and are planning to release an updated version (the V3) hopefully before the end of 2019.

Tortuga Audio LDR3.V2 Passive Preamp - frontal viewAlong the way, we designed, produced and marketed a series of passive preamp  models designed around our LDR preamp controllers. We also marketed our LDR preamp controllers to DIY audio enthusiasts as well as other OEMs.

We also began to develop a companion buffer product. By buffer we mean an active current amplifier and output buffer stage that when combined with our LDR preamps would become our version of an active LDR preamp rather than only a passive LDR preamp.TPB.V1 Tube Buffer - Rear View

In January of 2017 we released our first buffer product, the TPB.V1 Tube Preamp Buffer. The TPB was noteworthy for 3 things. First, it actually had a tube input/gain stage albeit set to unity gain (0 dB) by default. Second, it combined the tube input stage with a solid state MOSFET output (buffer) stage. Last but not least, it sounded awesomely good. I mean REALLY good!

Over the ensuing 2 and half years we’ve been tweaking the TPB in various ways and have all but totally redesigned the original V1 model while keeping the essential concept intact. The result is an even better sounding buffer.

LDR3000 Tube Preamp - 3D CAD ViewThis brings us up to today. When released, the LDR3000T.V25 will integrate our proven high performance V25 preamp  controller with the new V2 version of our tube buffer. These will be integrated into a single  enclosure and will be our first ever fully integrated active tube preamp.

When released, I believe the LDR3000T will be the first LDR based tube preamp ever made. At least on this planet!

LDR3000 tube preamp simplified schematic

How Good Will It Sound?

We believe the LDR3000T is going to be a world class preamp that will sound absolutely fantastic!  I’ve heard it at least in its various prototypical versions. I’m impressed.

wallofsound.ca logoA close analog to the sound of the LDR3000T is our LDR3.V25 Passive Preamp in combination with our current TPB.V1 Tube Preamp Buffer (shown in the pic below). These were recently reviewed by WallOfSound in Canada. You can read the full review here.  

LR3.V25 Passive Preamp with TPB.V1 Tube Preamp Buffer

Now Available For Pre-Order

The LDR3000T.V25 is available for pre-order from now until it’s planned released date of September 16.

The pre-order price is 30% off the base price up until August 15 after which the discount decreases to 20% until the release date. 

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